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Why Choose JustUs Advertising

Why should you use JustUs Advertising? Maybe you shouldn't! We are not for everyone. JustUs Advertising is focused on helping dentists and chiropractors build their practices long term. Take out the ups and downs of business and have constant growth and sustainability is what we do.

We are not always the cheapest nor is our turnaround the quickest because we are focused on quality! We are the best at creating a campaign that will work for you because we are experts in dental and chiropractic marketing and offer a wide variety of tools that produce a positive ROI. This allows us to be unbiased in our recommendations.

It is not uncommon for a client to call us wanting to spend $2,000 per month to send out postcards, but upon an assessment of their practice we recommend a different strategy all together that costs less than half, but produces significantly better results.

Practices looking to "test the waters" in marketing are not the right type of business to work with JustUs. We are focused on long term relationships and we know that doing a one month campaign, one postcard campaign, or a "little test" simply doesn't work in marketing. In our current economic climate, there is not a marketing formula that works for every business and WE KNOW IT! When you work with us, we will fine tune your marketing campaign to assure it produces the highest results. Often we hit a golden nugget right off the bat, but at times we have to fine tune a campaign to get it dialed it to work properly. ALL MARKETING TAKES TIME. Chiropractics and Dentistry are among the most difficult industries to market because no one wants to go. The days are gone when a template newspaper ad brings in 20-30 new patients. Like the tortoise, slow, steady and consistent wins the race.

If you want to grow your practice and want a marketing firm who is committed to your success and will act like a partner, than JustUs Advertising is the right fit for you.

The reason our clients say they use JustUs Advertising:

-"They have the confidence to guarantee their work which assures me they know what they are doing and stand behind their product"

-"I Choose to work with JustUs because they have expertise in Chiropractic Marketing"

-"A company that doesn't sell just try and sell me, but first gets to know my practice, my needs, my goals, and then customizes a plan specifically for me"

-"I started doing postcards with another company who was very cheap, but I didn't get any results. I started working with JustUs Dental Marketing because they understand the needs of our practice. For the same price I was spending with the other company I am getting results from my postcards plus I have the referral booster. WAY BETTER."

-"Its not how much you spend, its how much you earn"

-"JustUs Advertising will truly partner with you to help you succeed and build your practice. They will tell you what you need, which is not always what you want to hear, but that is what I like! I consider them a partner in my practice."

-"I like that there is a team under one roof that is committed to my success. Web, printing, design, strategy, mailings, everything!

- "John at JustUs Advertising knows what it really takes to help me keep my patients, increase referrals, reactivate, and keep new patients walking in the front door. He is unlike other marketing gurus, because he really gets our industry and tells me like it is. I appreciate that and really like how much my practice has grown as a result!"
We are the best at creating a campaign that will work for YOU because we are experts in dental and chiropractic marketing and offer a wide variety of tools that produce a positive ROI.