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JustUs Advertising Testimonials

The Referral Booster truly does produce a very ROI for our clients. This is achieved due to our expertise in dental and chiropractic marketing, years of market testing, fine tuning, specific elements, and our personal coaching to assure proper implementation.

Here is what just some of our clients have said:

"Kristina, Thanks, I believe we had 15 direct referrals in our first month and I am sure several other indirect referrals. Plus, it just creates an energy and excitement in office and top of mind awareness"

"So, this month should be even better!"

-Kevin Kaurich, Family Wellness Center, South Bend, IN

"We received over 30 new patients in our first month of the Referral Booster" -Dr. Tye, Millennium Chiropractic

"In these struggling economic times, it is refreshing to find a dental marketing company that works with your practice's budget.  The services that Just Us provides have been completely tailored to our practice's needs, with the underlying philosophy being with the growth of the practice, comes the growth of Just Us.  I look forward to a long lasting partnership with JustUs." - Dr. Supnet, Mountainside Dentistry

"I normally don't take the time out to write testimonials, but in this case I was so impressed with this company that I want other dentists to experience the great service that was given me that made a huge difference in my bottom line. Please read on...
I surfed the internet for hours to narrow my field of marketing companies down from a list of 20 to a short list of five businesses that fit my marketing needs and my marketing budget. I called each business to see what they could do for me to increase my monthly new patient volume. What a mistake! The first four businesses I called tried to HIGH PRESSURE sell me on expensive programs in their advertising arsenal that either didn't fit my budget or didn't fit the needs of my dental practice. The fifth company I called was awesome. I talked to JustUs Advertising (extremely charismatic and very professional) and not once did they try and pressure sell me. They listened to me and asked me questions to find out my needs. They set-up a relatively inexpensive referral program for my dental practice that in just 3 months increased my new patient volume by 125%!!! I was so impressed by this referral program that I had JustUs Advertising Company design my new business cards and business card magnets. The final proofs for my business cards were outstanding.
As a dentist, I'm a very pedantic person. In my profession, everything has to be accurate and very appealing to the naked eye. I take pride in my dental work and my practice and I will do everything I can to make sure my patients are satisfied with my dental work. That is what I received from JustUs Advertising. If you're looking for marketing that gets results, individual and business integrity, great service, No High Pressure Selling, and someone that goes the extra mile to please the customer, then do yourself a favor and call JustUs Advertising. Please feel free to contact me at my practice if you have any questions pertaining to the great work and marketing program JustUs Advertising set-up for us."

Tina M. Marshall, D.D.S.
Lake Orion, Michigan

"We received 21 new patients this month alone from the referral booster" Jonnie from Balance Chiropractic Boise, ID during a phone conversation in 2010

"We received 29 new patients during the first month and so far 36 in the second month" Dr. Bills of Alexander Chiropractic, Livermore, CA
During phone conversation reviewing first 2 months of the referral booster that started November 2010

"February was great! 21 new patients" Dr. Paul Reed, Bridge Chiropractic
"We had a 6 to 1 ROI on our first Postcard campaign and over 21 new patients from a single month of the referral booster "
-Dr. Paul Reed
Bridge Chiropractic