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Chiropractic Reactivation Program

....Turn your inactive files into a $100,000 pay day!

The average practice has over 1,000 inactive patient and the average patient has a annual value of $1,000. If you reactivate only 12% of your patients, you'll earn $120,000 in this year alone! We've discovered the secrets to getting 27% of patients to come back to your practice! This program is sure to reactivate at least 10% = $100,000! No other program out there is this concise or offers customized designs and copy just for your practice!

Chose from 3 options:
1. Partial- Purchase individual parts of the program. Like Reactivation Postcards!
2. Complete program- Includes everything you need to implement a successful reactivation campaign in your office.
3. Turnkey Reactivation Program- We implement everything for you. You just focus on and enjoy seeing your old patients return to your office. But you may need help hauling the money to the bank!

Reactivation Components
1. We determine why the majority of your patients left, then create a compelling strategy to get them back.
2. Custom Design, print, address, adhere postage and mail postcards to your inactive patients.
3. Customized Letter that includes customized copy, custom design, print, and mail a reactivation letter to inactive patients.
4. Your office calls the inactive patients with a provided script and bullet points from JustUs.
5. We mail another postcard to inactive patients.
6. Last point of contact with a final sweet offer to remaining inactive patients.

NOTE: As patients either reactivate, ask to be taken off the list, we discover they have moved, or any other valid reason, we take them off our list.

When you purchase the complete program or the turnkey option you are covered by a 100% money back guarantee! (Call for complete details, must mention you want the guarantee)

Starts at only $99 if you just want pieces of the campaign! The entire campaign is implemented over 6 months.
Price for entire campaign varies depending on the amount of your inactive patients.
For 1000 inactive patients this 6 month campaign is $546/month.
Re-energize and reactivate your inactive patients.