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Money Back Guarantee

At JustUs Advertising, our philosophy is "if you can’t guarantee it you shouldn't offer it."

If you aren't making money and reaching your goals, we aren’t doing our job! A Guarantee eliminates your risk involved with advertising.

We believe in our ability to generate new business for our customers so much that we offer a guarantee! Our guarantee is based on Return on Investment (ROI)*. If you do not receive a 1-to-1 return on investment and have followed the guarantee requirements, we will either continue to conduct the advertising campaign on our own dime for up to three months or refund your money!**

Guarantee is only valid when agreed upon prior to starting the advertising campaign (additional fees are required in some instances for some campaigns).

Guarantee is based on the marketing investment made by the client compared to revenue generated based on the lifetime value of a customer as a result of the campaign with JustUs Advertising. Lifetime value includes increased customer value, reactivating past customers, increased referrals and new customers.

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*Be sure to ask about guarantee details! Obviously, Guarantee not valid for print only, design only or non campaign related products.
"If you can't guarantee it you shouldn't offer it."
-John Prepula
CEO, JustUs Advertising